This eight hour long, hands-on class will provide enrollees with a full understanding permit preparation, duties, fall protection, and air monitoring equipment. Participants will receive a certificate acknowledging the completion of the course.

Course Topics Include:

– 29 CFR1910 Explained

– Hazardous Atmospheres

– Flammable Atmospheres

– Toxic Atmospheres

– How to Air Sample

– Types of Hazards

– Personal Protective Equipment

– Permit Building

– Why Accidents Happen

– Oxygen Awareness

– Monitor Selection

– Proper Ventilation Protocols

– Entrant / Attendant / Entry / Supervisor / Responsibilities

– Re-Classifications of Permit to Non-Permit

– Non-Entry Rescue & Equipment Rescue

Under OSHA 29CFR1910.146 Permit Required Confined Space, all employees that work in confined spaces must be trained.